About LQ

Your Daily Focus

The LQ app brings “Daily Focus” to your journey, helping you to enhance sensory awareness and build a transformative body of knowledge. The app is designed to deliver 3-minute-long audio tracks that have been developed by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman five days a week, at your preferred times. These segments are both instructional and motivational, and they work to stimulate your awareness of Lifestyle Intelligence. Since the effects of listening compound over time, this modest, yet steady commitment pays off in the form of meaningful and sustainable change. Consistency is important, but even if you miss a day here and there, you can simply pick up right where you left off. Each Daily Focus track unlocks the wisdom of your natural rhythms and generates momentum toward macro-level changes in lifestyle. Using over-ear headphones is highly recommended to facilitate total immersion.

Each Daily Focus track supports steady progress toward balanced, healthy living. These tracks work with your brain’s innate timing mechanisms to hone the core skills of Lifestyle Intelligence – namely, those involved with sleeping, eating, and moving. They are designed to be short enough to keep your full, undivided attention, but also long enough for you to gain some truly valuable insights. When you hold space for this daily sensory awareness pause, you will discover the power to reprogram your own behavior and improve your quality of life. With each new track, users acquire skills and knowledge that support mutually reinforcing changes in sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Your customized Daily Focus regimen will help you to gradually bring greater vitality and balance to your lifestyle ecosystem, where learning and growth are rooted in the strong and nurturing ground of Lifestyle Intelligence.

The HPP Library

Put on your headphones! The LQ app provides users with full access to Dr. Glauberman’s Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) audio programs. These longer form audio tracks represent the perfect complement to the Daily Focus tracks. The HPP programming simultaneously appeals to our need for relaxation, our love of storytelling, and our ability to process information at the edges of awareness by stimulating and integrating multiple layers of consciousness. As you listen to the HPP library, you will experience the incredible power that your brain possesses and engage with newly tapped capabilities for smarter living. The HPP library will take your Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ) to the next level. Each installment requires about 25 minutes of listening, best done in a comfortable setting and using over-ear headphones for maximum immersion.

The efficacy of this concept has been supported by research and has been praised in publications such as the New York Times and Forbes. The HPP and Daily Focus tracks present two distinct learning strategies that work synergistically to enhance and expedite the development of your lifestyle intelligence. Each HPP track subtly and gently generates the twilight state, which comes about in between the states of being awake and asleep. This highly receptive state of consciousness opens additional learning channels, all while maintaining a calm and tranquil state of mind. When you are listening, you already know what you need to hear on some level. The LQ app helps you to locate it, process it, and put it into action. The HPP programs have been developed to help you accomplish meaningful changes in how you think, feel, and act.

Each HPP track begins with a single narrative, which eventually splits into two simultaneous stories, with each one being played into only one ear. As might be expected, your conscious mind eventually drifts off into a deeply relaxed state, which is ideal for processing the suggestions that are contained within the dual stories. Since you already know what your needs are, along with the changes that you want to make, you automatically select those messages that are the most important for you. These changes then appear effortlessly and spontaneously throughout the flow of your daily life: at the right times, in the right places, and with the right people.