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Lifestyle Intelligence guides users along a clear pathway toward balanced, healthy living. In an age of information overload, we all need sensible strategies to help ourselves live smart.

We focus on the three macro –
elements of wellbeing


Eat the right amounts of the right foods at the right times.


Seamlessly sleep enough to perform at your best.


Achieve fitness by managing exercise and micro-movement.

Meet Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, clinical psychologist and creator of Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ).

Your Daily Focus delivered

As users listen for three minutes at a time, they acquire skills to maximize their quality of life by reprogramming habits. With each track, users acquire a more complete understanding of how sleeping, eating and exercising are part of an ecosystem of healthy living.

Unlimited access to our HPP library

The LQ app provides users with unlimited access to Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) audio series. These longer-form audio tracks represent the perfect complement to the Daily Focus tracks. The HPP programming simultaneously appeals to our need for relaxation, our love of storytelling, and our ability to process information at the edges of awareness by stimulating and integrating multiple layers of consciousness.

Want to learn more about Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ)?

Join Dr. Glauberman as he speaks with leading Fitness, Nutrition, and Sleep experts to discuss how Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ) can help listeners build and maintain a positive ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle


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